Oum El Banine Agadir 

In support of Moroccan children and their mothers.


Counseling and advice

Oum El Banine offers counseling and practical aid to women in distress. Our main focus is unmarried, pregnant women, which is a very marginalized group. We offer them a safe haven in the form of a women's shelter.

Practical assistance

Oum El Banine helps the mother to a safe birth and to officially register her child. Our main aim is to prevent child abandonment. We have a daycare center for the babies and toddlers to enable the mothers to work and support themselves. We help them find a home, pay their first rent, and start their new lives together with their children.

Help and support

Oum El Banine offers long-term help to the women and children, for example in the medical, administrative and legal domains. We do follow-ups, and we are their support and extra family. Our belief is that no woman or child should be left alone.


Oum El Banine also works to raise awareness of the situation for single mothers and children. We want to break the stigma surrounding this issue; in families, and in the Moroccan society. Our aim is that the mothers and their children will be accepted as equals on all levels. We welcome your donation: in support of our goals, and in support of our mothers and children. 

Our Story

Oum El Banine was created by Mahjouba Edbouche, a well-known name in the Moroccan society, working for over 30 years to improve living conditions and rights for women and children in Morocco.


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